This entry has been logged by Total Information Awareness

This is to inform you of a change in your itinerary and travel plans. Due to your need for privacy, you have been pre-selected for inclusion on the secret air passenger blacklist of the TSA, so that we may determine whether it is safe for you to desire privacy and autonomy, or not.

Ex-patriated citizen:
Prepare for hours of delays, missed flights, paternalistic bullying and general harassment.

Be prepared to present at least three forms of official identification, upon arrival at your port of entry.
If your identification does not have matching addresses of residence, we reserve the right to demand a copy of your birth certificate
and we are empowered to deny entry into the homeland, should you fail to comply with our demands.
Re: This entry has been logged by Total Information Awareness
D'oh! A big d'oh....I got a certain itch lately, could use a good scratch
I don't blame you one bit. I had read about this happening to someone a few months ago. Apparently the "search" of his laptop was prompted by the fact that he had a copy of a political book that does not favor the Neocons (don't remember which one but it doesn't really matter) and when they saw it they pulled him aside for a more thorough search.

I have not flown since 2001 (pre-9/11) and at this point I am disgusted with TSA and the whole homeland security dept.

Yeah, I have resolved not to fly to the US, no matter what the occasion, until I can expect not be treated as a suspect. The way things are going, I don’t foresee any trips to the US until my old age, or possibly during my remaining lifetime.

Oh well.

(Meanwhile I am uncomfortably aware that Europe in general but Germany in particular is fast heading in the same direction. Ugh.)

It is interesting to hear from folks outside the US and I am glad you mentioned what is going on in Europe as right now here in the US the media is so focused on the Presidential race. There are occasional non-primary related news items on Daily Kos but I had not seen this issue brought up in awhile. The article I mentioned in my comment was a diary on DKos but like I said it was about 3 months ago.
That's ridiculous. I hope they enjoy the tons of porn they'll be getting.

Alternatively, put a tarball of your homedir somewhere where you can get it through SSH or other secure connection, then wipe the disk completely clean. Assuming you have access to sufficiently fast up- and downlinks on the respective ends of the connection, you’ll be up and running again quite soon. Even better if you keep your homedir under version control, of course: then you don’t even have any headaches when your visit ends, you just commit everything back and wipe the laptop clean yet again.

D’oh, now that I actually read the article I see that Schneier already mentions this precise strategy. Excuse the noise.

1. I don't know that I've ever seen you not attached to a computer. :)

2. I think I mentioned it was more trouble for me getting back in to the US than in to the UK? :P
That's no fun. The linked articles have given me some good ideas about improving the security on my laptop, though, so thanks.
What a royal pain in the ass! I was seriously considering moving over for a couple months just for the hell of it. My laptop goes everywhere with me so of course I had planned to bring it with but now... Forget it! Like you I have nothing to hide but I don't want them to get into bank accounts and anything else I may have stored on here!
Yeah, last week of the month. It's great, but even though I've kept it quiet, I've already had a flood of people asking me to spend time with them. Vacations in Portland aren't really vacations any more :/ I want to see everyone, but I don't know how it's possible.
I won't add to the list. I am going to be out of town through Memorial Day anyway, so I am going to miss out on <lj user="pdx42>'s big bash. Enjoy your visit!!