So, just who is he going to vote for?

I was reading an article on where they asked every senator if they would agree to be veep. The most hilarious response is from the Republican Pete Domenici. He replied "no, I'm too old."

Well, that's interesting. He's only four years older than McCain. So just when do you become "too old"?

Oh, and Chuck Grassley, only three years older than McCain and also a Republican, also stated that he was too old. Hmm ...

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The VP position in this case is only important under the following false assumption:
*McCain will be voted into office.

That said, McCain is looking for a younger VP because it is likely he will die in the next 4 years because his battle-scarred, mean, angry ass can't handle the stress of being a president that long. The last thing Republicans need is the old, white male stereotype... and two dead presidents in one term because all they can find are a bunch of M. Burns-lookalikes.

I use the * in the above sentence so that this quote can not be taken out of context. The '*' in grammar lessons means 'incorrect (form)'.
i envisaged a slight variation on thedr9wningman's theory: what they meant was "i'm too old to run for President once McCain's kicked the bucket/stood down/been President for two terms". i probably listed those three things McCain might do in descending order of probability.
I can't stop growing older but I don't have to finish growing up!!!!! To damned borrrrrrrrrrrring!!!! LOL