More Useless CCTV

I've said before (many times) that CCTV doesn't work, but now the British police are saying it, too. We know it doesn't work. It does little to solve crime other than to coddle the feelings of those who don't know better. Of course, the government won't listen. If they were to admit that they've wasted billions of pounds for nothing, people would ... well ... what? They'd grumble and turn back to their pints.
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Maybe they could use those video clips they have collected of people having sex in cars to recoup some of those costs ;)
I've just had to watch some 'expert' on the BBC justifying the cost anyway because they used it to catch terrorist suspects. Big deal- how many billions per arrest? But the British have pretty much given up on their liberty since the 80's ... I doubt most of them will even notice enough to raise any grumble.
From RISKS digest (so you may have seen this already):

The Get Out Clause are an upcoming UK band who are currently unsigned. They took a brilliant and I’m sure soon to be much copied method to producing their own video. Unable to hire a production crew for a standard 1980’s era MTV music video, they performed their music in front of 80 of the 13 million CCTV “security” cameras available in England, including one on a bus.

They then used Britain’s Data Protection Act to request the footage that was shot of them. Grab some decent and inexpensive video editing tools (say. . . an iMac) and presto! They got themselves a unique and in my opinion quite interesting music video.