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The Uknown Crush

Such a silly high school thing, crushes are. I find I have a crush on a couple of ladies on my friends list despite having no idea idea what they look like. The quality of their writing and thoughts are enough. I barely even respond to their journals. I just take pleasure in reading them.

Any of you in similar straits?
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I think it's wonderful to crush on someone you've never seen. I'm always saying it's what's inside that counts, it's only right and proper to fancy someone for their words rather than their appearance.
Ce sont tes écrits qui m’ont donnés envie de te rencontrer et le plaisir que j’y ai trouvé qui me fait te lire encore.
Donc oui je pense pouvoir dire que cela m’est arrivé aussi.
i have a mini crush on someone i worked with that's in houston.
i have no idea what he looks like and we have very different views of the world but we tease each other and it makes me happy. it's a good balance.
I find that all too often.. i like writing and all but that doesn't impress me it's their mind,sense of humor and of course fashion sense being the last but sometimes that is what catches my eye the most!:)
Not on someone from livejournal but I have a large crush on my 'Once and a while fuck buddy' He works from home and doesn't go out much because he hates most people and crowds and is a self described asshole. Dating a agoraphobic asshole = bad idea.
I didn't succumb to crushes much when I was younger. I have a few now, but they don't make me stay up at night.

I have a work crush and I hide it well. His employee profile was picked and was posted on the intranet. There were three animation references, and one of his main films is The Iron Giant. Yikes, now wonder I liked him.

Dorky, but true.
It's totally normal. Journal writing is intimate. Good quality journal writing is crush fodder.
serpentstar put it perfectly - journal writing has an intimacy that people would generally never consider displaying to a stranger. Its almost like a diary for some.

I have had crushes based on writing alone, but I seriously want to try and avoid it in future, I find its just trouble waiting to happen.
I have many crushes on people I know nothing about except what they share through their words online. There's nothing embarrassing about it to me, because I think it makes sense that someone who titillates your brainwaves in such a positive way is a nice thing to experience now and then! It doesn't seem to happen often enough in every day life, so when I find it online, I treasure it for what it is :)
I can't remember a time when I didn't know what pdx42 looks like, because many of his icons are photos of him, but I've had quite a crush on him since I started reading his LJ.

I developed a crush on openmindedmale before I ever found out what he looked like.

Now I feel all dreamy and goofy and teenager-ish.

P.S. You are quite the cupcake yourself.
Not lj, but a couple of technical email lists I'm on have a few gentlemen with very entertaining brains.
I don't know if I'd necessarily say 'crush,' but I definitely feel much closer to some people because of their writing here, and almost never comment or do anything that might reinforce that feeling with legitimate closeness...

I do occasionally have crushes on artists without ever having seen them, which is similar. It must be something about being shown a new way to see the world.