Heal Emru

A friend's brother, Emru, has been diagnosed with leukemia. Here's information about how you can help save his life. You can read more about my friend's efforts to save his life in her journal posts.

In short, he desperately needs a bone marrow transplant, yet very few people are in bone marrow registries. As it turns out, it's simple to do.

  1. Visit your registry's website or local office.
  2. You must complete a form consenting to be added to the registry.
  3. Provide a mouth swab or a blood sample. That's it!

There's a particularly strong need for people of African or Caribbean descent to register, but even if you're not black, you still may be a match for Emru or for someone else who needs your help to live.

Please post this information in your own journals and let people know how easy it is to help save lives.

I've tried a few times to register for things like this. I've always been denied for some phantom health reason. (Weight usually.) Grrr...
The best thing to do if you are concerned about ineligibility is to call the nearest donor centre in advance. Also some people who are ineligible to give blood can still offer a blood sample or cheek swab sample to donate bone marrow.
I followed the links and read the information online from my local center. At this time I am ineligible, but I know what steps I need to take to fix that. So as soon as I straighten out a few things I'll be there.
It's sad, but in my area, in order to register you need to pay $52 in tissue-typing costs, and you might still get turned down!

I can't register because I haven't been seizure free for a full year yet. :(
In the US, there are ways to get around tissue typing costs, and one of them is to tell people who are eligible to REGISTER ONLINE between May 5 and May 19 FOR FREE. Spread the word!
That's great! I'll speak to my husband about registering. I didn't see anything on the list that would disqualify him.
I can do it at the University Hospital in San Antonio I'm sure. I donate blood every once in a while. Since I'm 0+ I can donate to almost anyone bloodwise. Don't know about marrow but I can go see what they say.
Hi, finding a matching bone marrow donor is much more difficult than finding someone with a matching blood type, this is why many people are required on the register.

You may end up matching someone for bone marrow as soon as you register or many years later or not at all. But you don't know if you don't register. Generally, the chance of matching someone can vary between 1 in 450 and 1 in 750000, but there are people with an even longer shot of matching. But the chance of matching someone on the register varies, and your chance is 0 if no one with your bone marrow match is on the register.

Thanks for looking into it. You will find more information on the NMDP website.
I don't believe I have any restrictions according to what I've read. I will look into this next payday. There is a program for this in Longview Texas. I may just go there and take care of it. I haven't had an asthma episode that required medical attention since I was about 21 so I'm good.