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Damn. Need to find my camera.

I should be landing in Oslo tomorrow at 13:30, local time. I'll be staying at the Best Western Anker Hotel, right in the heart of Oslo. Later I'll meet up with friends at The Shamrock, an "authentic" Irish pub whose Web site is in Norwegian. Why is it that no matter which country I'm in, their large cities always boast one or more Irish pubs? None of which, of course, sport any Irish people. What's worse, why is it that whenever I show up anywhere, someone wants to take me to one?

There are also English pubs scattered over the world, but never as many as their are Irish pubs, it seems. However, you can always tell you're not in an authentic English pub if they refer to the restrooms as anything other than "toilets", as they do here in the UK. I still hate saying that word, but I'm getting over it.

I'll be back from the conference on Tuesday and, if I get off my lazy butt, I'll post pictures. Regrettably, I'll be rather busy and doubt I'll have much time for sightseeing.

Update: Apparently I am the hardest working Portland expat in London.
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