I've been on holiday for two weeks with gorthx. Had a blast. Saw Cumbria, the Dover Castle, the White Cliffs of Dover and many other things. She's back in Portland now and I have to head back to work. Too bad I'm sick, but calling in sick on my first day back at work isn't a great idea.

I look forward to getting back into the blogging saddle.
Wow, sounds like you've managed to see more of the country in two weeks than I have in a life time of living here. Guess that's often the way, huh? Or maybe I'm just really lazy. No comments, please ;)
Sounds fun.

We've got a new guy working in the office. He's American and it's very disconcerting. I keep hearing the accent and turning round expecting to see Mr Ovid there.
Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Amazing how similar the grey skies look to the Pacific NW. Castles are cool.