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Parents, Don't You Dare!!!

As noted in Bruce Schneier's blog, you can now buy toy XRAY security machines or, if they're a touch younger, why not buy them the Playmobil security checkpoint instead?

What's next? The "friendly secret police" doll? The Lego Guantanamo complete with a "not really torture chamber"? A Playmobil toy playground with tiny CCTV cameras and no dangerous playground equipment?

Yes, let's start teaching our children not to be afraid to be afraid. Let's create "Homeland" Security web sites encouraging them to ask their teachers about terrorism. Fear is normal. Paranoia is healthy. Watch for enemies of the state everywhere. They might even be your own parents!

While what's happening in the US is disgusting, I worry that the UK is too far gone already. We're the most heavily surveiled society in history and nobody cares. Fear is second nature. If you want a perfect example, just walk into train stations, post offices, or fast food restaurants and read the "Assaults on our staff will not be tolerated" posters (often with a picture of a smiling attendant with a black eye). Of course, they didn't have to up posters telling you that you can't sacrifice puppies on their counters but we just know that's wrong. What the hell is this. Do you think if I don't see a "Do not Disturb" sign up, I'm ready to take a swing at you?

Those signs don't do a damn thing except constantly remind us to be afraid, that we're a country steeped in fear. Every time someone puts up one of those signs, they're just furthering the damned process. The US, for all its flaws, still has a faint hope, but not if they keep selling those damned toys and getting at the children when they're too young to know better.
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Don't forget the demonising of anyone under the age of 25.

In a way I'm glad that someone coming to the UK from outside has noticed one of things I don't miss. But it saddens me non the less.

One cultural difference I have noticed between the US and the UK is that Americans are much more likely to question/fight back when they think their civil rights are under threat so I think there is still hope there. The Brits have taken theirs for granted for so long that no one believes they can be eroded.
Personally, I love the comments on the toy and am waiting for Gestapo Ken to make an appearance ;)
How sad. I, for one, plan to buy a lot of kids I know a copy of Little Brother when it comes out. I haven't read the new ending, but I heard it fits better. I'm sick of fearmongering.