Smallpox Scars Age Test

Today, smallpox vaccinations no longer occur. I realized a long time ago that I could roughly guess at someone's age based upon whether or not they have that scar. Recently, I noticed a non-American friend with the scar, even though they're younger than I expected. Thus, this completely useless poll.

Poll #1140886 Smallpox Vaccination Scar

Do you have a smallpox vaccination scar?


Your age in years

Where did you live when you received the vaccination?

North America
South America

Note: it's OK to guess where you lived. I think I was in Texas when I received my vaccination, but I may have been living in Okinawa at the time. I'm not sure.

And I idly wonder how many people won't answer because they don't want to reveal their age? :)

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and, judging from the responses so far, i think i can pick out all of the people that do not have a smallpox scar based on age. the math works at least.

Presumably you'll be able to do something similar here in the UK; in 2005 the Government abandoned the universal BCG vaccination programme, so virtually no-one born after 1992 will have the scar.
oops, wrong one - well, smallpox vaccinations ended here in 1972. i've never had a BCG vaccination that i remember either.

I only have the BCG scar on my left arm, so I guess children were no longer vaccinated against small pox in Soviet Russia in 1972.
I think I was in Texas when I received my vaccination

So that's you in the "Other" category? ;)
Since I don't know the scar you are referring to, I'd have to answer hesititantly no. But if it's anything you get as a small child, I might just have no clue. When/where does the scar usually happen?
I had the smallpox vaccine twice as the doctor said it didn't take the first time but I only have one scar. It was a BIG scar when I was little but it shrank. I remember having to wear this big plastic cup over the injection site. I was about 4 years old. I vaguely remember it swelling up pretty big!
Can I submit a hearsay answer? (I totally am!)

I went to college with a girl born in Siberia who is now 28 and has the scar.
hate to skew your results...
If I may add my 2 cents, the results of the do you have the scar poll is somewhat skewed. I should have had the scar, but for other medical reasons at the time, I do not. You see all American Soldiers, and I'm sure other nations as well, get smallpox vaccinated prior to deployment to Iraq or Afganistan.

I was unable to be vaccinated prior to deployment due to living with my wife and daughter who was 3 at the time (the medics would not give the vaccine to anyone who might contact a child under 5 while the wound was still "weeping".) and when I had my second chance for it, I was taking steroidal eye drops for laser surgery which also prevented them from vaccinating me. I think I am alone in my unit and probably a rarity in the the American forces of someone who served in Iraq without the vaccine.

I realize that the U.S. Military is only representative of less than 1% of the population, but it does alter your results of a purely age/vaccine connection.