Creaping Featuritis

There's a tool we've delayed releasing for several weeks. I've been tasked with making sure it gets released.

Me: You mean we've delayed this tool for several weeks because we've not been able to add a feature they didn't ask for?

Him: Yes, but ...

Me: And we could add this feature they didn't ask for, but we didn't use the software which could support this unrequested feature because it fails to support another feature they didn't ask for?

Him: Well, yeah.

*brain melt*

It's really fun working for the BBC, but the occasional lack of focus can be frustrating at times :)
I really need to pound that in to more people's heads.

In the meantime, I just went ahead and added the feature using the software which didn't support the "other" feature. Turns out is does support that other feature, but no on had actually checked :)
you're clearly missing the point of moving vast sums of [insert object-of-fascination] around in endless circles - it's incredibly meaningful!! and it pays well, too