The Imelda Marcos of Perl

A few months ago I bought myself some really snazzy shoes. In fact, everybody but _sister_madly_ loved them (she's a freak). Recently, I went out and bought yet another pair of really snazzy shoes. I hope it's just a phase.

This morning I was putting on those snazzy shoes. Right after I bought them, I noticed that these snazzy shoes have snazzy outlines of England making up their tread pattern. These outlines are gradually eroding. That's why I call these my snazzy civil liberties shoes.

Then I started taking off my snazzy shoes. I had forgotten to put on my fashionable trousers.

Mornings suck.
Is this the part where I laugh? LOL Work is starting to get more interesting here finally. Hugs!
Mornings do suck. What do you call 500$ Italian leather shoes* whose zippers are sagging and colouration is starting to fade? Urban decay shoes?

*Don't worry, I'd never spend that much on shoes. I got them for 5$ at the big-foot-man shoe store.
Talking of shoes , I rather liked the ones you wore at xmas. I find it strange that a guy gets excited over shoes!! Me yes!!! I love shoes (Love handbags more!!!!)
Eek! Sis I can afford to buy shoes again! You and I would be dangerous!!! LOL
European fashion style catching on finally?
Reading your post made my day - thank you~