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Having Fun With Colleagues

I've recently entered the following curious command on my computer:

PS1='\[\033[01;32m\]api_cleanup\[\033[00m\] $ '

This makes my command prompt look like this:

 api_cleanup $                 

So why would I do that? Well, the prompt on my computer usually shows the current directory name and that name, when I'm developing new code, is the name of the current branch (copy of our code base) that I'm working on. When I asked my colleague Richard what branch name I should give our current work, he said "name it anything you want".


So when he comes back from out meeting, he'll assume that the current branch is named api_cleanup. Had I not changed the prompt, when he came back and started pair programming with me, he would have seen this:

 richard_and_curtis_mud_wrestling_extravaganza $                 

It's going to be fun when it's time to check in the code. I'm such a geek.

Tags: bbc, funny, technology
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