I don't think this is satire, but I could be a complete idiot.
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The only complete idiots are the ones who believe in ID.
Wasn't the first edition of that called the Bible?

Did you see the user-applied tags at the bottom?

fraud (122)
lies (108)
fantasy (97)
mythology (89)
redundant title (77)
morons (65)
illogical (63)
magic (63)
unintelligent (63)
irony (61)
religious porn (40)

I think "redundant title" is my favorite.
I fear it's real. Growing up or operating in little enclaves of relative rationality can give us the illusion that we are a totally reality-based species. Sadly it aint so...
I think it's unintentional, since it's paired up with "Darwin Strikes Back: In Defense of Intelligent Design", which just makes my mind boggle.

Then again, there is also "The Idiot's Guide to Prayer", which makes me wonder just how dumb do you have to be to not be able to sting together a sentence that starts "Dear God" or "Hello God"

I can't decide which I like better: your ID book, this, or this. The "Idiot's" version gets an awful rating because it's not properly for beginners, and the "Dummies" version gets a good rating because it's actually respected by astrologers.


Apropos nothing at all: melted_snowball and I are going to be in London the 26th - 29th. I'd love to meet you for a beer, if you're free any of those evenings (though not the 29th). We're staying at City Inn Westminster (which looks hella more expensive than we got it for!). So yeah. Last-minute; low-stress; if you're bored and want to meet up somewhere. :)

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