BBC Homepage Beta

It's officially announced: a beta of the new BBC Homepage is online. Curiously, the Brits pronounce "beta" as beat-uh. Drives me up a wall.

They also pronounce "router" as root-er. In some parts of the US, "rooter" is a slang term for "pig", but it's also a slang term for "sex" (more common in Australia, I believe). I've difficulty keeping a straight face whenever someone refers to a root-er, but then, I've been known to pinch a fag from time to time.
Separated by a common language...
Watch it mate. Or we'll have to go into the pronunciation lessons we gave you on certain English slang on the tube home from LPW.

Oh man, beat-uh. That sounds like something a Kiwi would say, not a Brit. Learn something new every day.

Beata Beata Beata. New site looks neat! Kinda sluggish, but then it is in Beata.
Strangely the US pronunciation 'bait-uh' drove me mad as well - that and not sounding the H in herbs. But it was the casual usage of fanny that really bothered me.

BTW have you got used to the difference in date formats yet.

You're right about root being slang for sex in Aus. I've already slipped up on that a couple of times.

Like the look of the new site although the jury is still out on the adverts for the non-UK version.
hmm, in order to actually work out who is correct we'd probably need an ancient Greek, however on the grounds that the UK is nearer to Greece and older than the US, I'd say it should be pronounced a "Beet-a" ;)

Talking of fags, while working for the big B, I once told a coworker (in all innocence) that our manager was outside "having a fag". Once the coworker had stopped asphyxiating, he explained what I'd said, especially given that we were in San Francisco at the time.

I also taught him how to correctly pronounce b*ll*cks, and all of it's glorious uses.
AFAIK neither pronunciation of "beta" is especially close to either the Ancient or Modern Greek pronunciations, so it's not like your version is any bettuh. ;)

Anyway, we took the Greek word via the Latin, and we Anglicised it. That's what we DO. It's cute. If you guys do the same, all that happens is that you Americanise it -- and why would the Greek alphabet need Coca-Cola and hamburgers?!?
Until I read some of the above comments I was struggling to think how else one might pronounce "beta". "Baiter"? I'm sorry but that just sounds wrong. I've been taught "Beater" ever since the lessons in ancient Greek when I was 10.

Re pinching fags: at least you aren't bumming them yet.
Note also that our pronunciation allows for useless mnemonics such as "Alpha beat 'er little sister, Gamma dealt 'er such a blow".
The worst one I ever saw as a self-help book in a shop at Logan airport called something close to "How to get a tighter fanny" - which has a *radically* different meaning this side of the pond :-)
..I don't doubt you, but they also say it in the USian way here in Waterloo; I think I've only heard it the other way once or twice. Happily, 'cause "rooter" would make me laugh too. :)
Ah-ha... so you say "rowt-er"?

Does that mean you pronounce "rout" (as in "chaotic and disorderly retreat") and "route" (as in "pathway") the same?
*thinks about this*

*thinks a bit more*

Huh. English... inconsistent? ;)

Actually, "postal route" can be pronounced both ways in North America, and I think I hear it more often as "postal rout" (having lived in northern NYS and Canada near Toronto, with Rural Routes.)
I think this might be an inconsistency between beta and main version (or, maybe it's just testing data):

The beta version shows a teddy-bear pic on the LH middle with the headline: "Baby trade? The US-Iran 'nuclear game' continues despite latest findings"

The main version shows the teddy-bear with: "Baby trade?
Seeking the truth about Guatemala's adoptions to the US"

*slightly amused at the baby nuclear trade* (or is it the nuclear baby trade?)
Too funny, all of that.

And you know, I've been known to call you Coitus on occasion, but really - who's keeping track??