I've lost five pounds since Sunday. I may just go to the hospital tomorrow. I'm not terribly coherent.
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If you're experiencing dehydration and it sounds like you are, you might want to move that hospital date up to today... Getting the hydration under control will help you heal faster...

In any case, get well soon... I'm sending you warm, loving thoughts.
Re: Aw...
Dude, seriously. IV fluids are the greatest invention EVER. I've never felt so immediately pulled back from the brink of death as once when I had the flu and finally dragged myself to the clinic.

Feel better!
It's just the cold that's going round at the moment. It'll drag on for a bit, but you just need to make sure you're drinking loads (more than you think you need).
As long as it's nothing where you're passing your food far too quickly and you're still eating, you'll be fine.
It's only if food's not staying in your body long enough for the nutrients to be extracted that you should have any cause for mild concern.

In the UK, females refer to what you have as "man flu"
man flu?
I've seen this phrase a couple of time recently and I don't get it... Why is it called "man flu"?

Re: man flu?
Do not ever notice that when the man in your life has a slight sniffle he moans and complains and says he's dying and *has* to stay in bed and be nursed hand and foot and absolutely *will not* take even a paracetamol to make the aches and pains go away? That's 'man flu'.

And I'm abosultely *not* saying that this is what Ovid has ;)
That's no good. If you're not staying hydrated you should get in there stat! Quite apart from all the other bad health issues associated with dehydration, it's also making everything you feel seem even worse - muscle pains, headaches, etc.