Dinner Party

Who he was, what he was holding, and how he came to be holding it, are not subjects to be discussed here. However, the look of distress on his face was so intense I felt compelled to say "you look like a nun holding a condom".

Everyone else agreed.
I was buying some knickers in M&S the other day and in front of me was a middle-aged nun who was buying some really skimpy, lacy G-strings. The sales assistant and I exchanged a rather interesting look when she came to serve me and she burst out laughing when I said "Well, even if you're married to 'god', you still have to keep 'him' interested."

Unfortunately the nun hadn't quite got out of earshot and she wasn't amused. She gave me a look I haven't seen since my Catholic schoolgirl days. The one that tells me that I'm going straight to 'Hell'. :)
Surely nuns must know that Jesus ain't monogamous with them...why risk STDs?
I'm getting an image of a used feminine hygiene product.....Mr. Peacock, in the parlor....
You know, I remember meeting some nuns and let me me tell you, they have a much better sense of humor than people might think! I could picture a nun holding a condom just to get a rise out of her fellow sisters! LOL