Pet Peeves ...

There's a terrible story about a man who was tasered by police and later died. In the story the reporter noted that "An autopsy is planned to determine the cause of death."

I'm sooooo glad the reporter clarified why the autopsy was performed. I might have gotten confused, otherwise.
Cops seem happy to zap away with tasers, in a way they wouldn't with guns, because they're defined as a *non-lethal* weapon. They don't seem to regard them with the same respect as a normal firearm, which is screwed up because, as this case shows, they can be very lethal in the wrong circumstances. Weapons should always be the very last option, rather than the 'zap em, ask questions later' response that currently seems to be employed.

On a lighter note, I did work with a guy who tasered himself... His girlfriend heard a scream and came into the room to find his unconscious, twitching body on the floor. He said he was curious to know what it felt like... He isn't, as you might have guessed, a brain surgeon.

He might have been a brain surgeon previously… you know, before he decided to lobotomise himself to know what it feels like.

But really, he sounds more like a Darwin Awards nominee to me.

Another story I wanted to post was a Fox News item with a headline proclaiming that a man was "Slain to Death". The headline was changed to a man "Shot to Death". Just a touch more reasonable :)
Tasers are the new fire hose.

Bob Dylan wrote, "Better stay away from those / that carry 'round a fire hose".

I'd like to propose "Better stay away from those / that always want to taze their bros"
It says they found crack cocaine on him. If he was using, it's possible a combination of the high and the tazers putting more stress on his heart is what killed him. I've read accounts like this before. The heart is going a mile a minute he's running and then he gets an electric shock! Not to hard to figure that one out. Of course I could be dead wrong, no pun intended. I'm not sure tazers are a good thing. I've been offered one by a friend as protection but I'd be afraid of it getting used on me somehow.
Redundancies abound, makes me crazy
Oh shoosh. Just get cash from your ATM machine using your PIN number and make sure you get your news from CNN news network. Have you ever been to the La Brea Tar Pits (La Brea=the tar in Spanish)? I can use the HTML language almost as well as I can do CPR resuscitation. And remember, if you go diving, don't forget your SCUBA apparatus.

[I think I just puked a little bit.]