A couple of Saturday's ago, rozallin and I went to Slimelight, the first and most famous goth club in the world. We first went to Camden and had drinks at The Devonshire Arms. "The Dev", as it's locally known, is fantastic because it's just a regular pub, but catering explicitly to a goth/industrial type of crowd. You can sit down with your mates, order a pint, and chat -- just like any other pub. They apparently even try to enforce the dress code in order to avoid the hassle that inevitably ensues when you get a bunch of mainstream people (particularly frat boy types) who like to make fun of the goths.

The Dev is where we met Rich, a gentleman from down south who was going to the Slimelight later that evening. He agreed to let me post this pic, taken at the at Devonshire Arms sign. Not a great quality pic, but it's perfect how well he matched the sign.

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The Slimelight itself was only a short walk away from the Angel Tube station, so it's very easy to get to. You also no longer need to be a member to get in, though it's £8 at the door for non-members. They stay open until seven in the morning, but stop serving at five in the morning. Which, coincidentally, is when I stopped drinking! Curiously, though being tipsy before arriving, I didn't get drunk at the Slimelight. I danced until 6:30 in the morning and drank less than I expected.

I must say that while the people and music were great, the club itself wasn't what I was expecting for the "oldest and most famous" goth club. Several regulars told me that it wasn't a great night, but all things considered, I still had a fantastic time and am looking forward to going back.

Too bad they don't allow cameras. The outfits were stunning.
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next time you go, let me know more than a half-hour before you're heading in and i'll try to join you :)

(assuming i'm not 140 miles away again)
Sounds like a blast!

I can't decide if it's more or less fun that we have to imagine what went on inside, rather than having photographic evidence...
K, you talk to your monetary policy folks, and I'll talk to mine, and we'll see about this "exchange rate" nonsense. :)
That sounds like fun! I went recently to KlubAtomix near SAC and they had some really awesome outfits! My friends couldn't keep their eyes off this one girl who was wearing a little mini and a fishnet shirt with no bra on....she had perfect little x's on each side. She was shockingly adorable is all I can say. She was pretty tame in comparison to some of the other outfits I saw. I had not been in a night club since I don't know when and we went because we wanted to try something different. Yup. I might go back, the music was great and the people were lots of fun! Steph is going to be 21 soon and she's a perfect little goth!
But I like to make fun of goths too and I'm not a jock!!