Auntie Beeb

In a few minutes I'll head off to work at the BBC. I'm to show up at 10 AM today. I never show up that late for work, so I don't know what to do with all of my free time beforehand.

Enough people have expressed curiosity about the BBC that I've asked them what their blogging policy is. One person mentioned it should be fine and another is going to double-check higher up. Even the brief conversations I've had with them have been absolutely fascinating. The project I'm to be working on sounds fascinating, looks like a lot of hard work, and I was thoroughly mystified when it was outlined to me a few days ago. I finally realized the problem: I couldn't identify the goal since I couldn't see the profit. The project itself is important in terms of providing more information to the public. It's just not valuable in the "profit" sense. After well over two decades of working in profit-driven industries, this is going to be a very interesting change of pace.
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Dude, just got back from my two week hiatus to find you've already left! Well, good luck at the Beeb.
there's always a profit in everything - just remember that not everything is about money. sometimes the profit is knowledge.

enjoy, don't try to think too much into it :)

(still remembering my non-profit days)
did you survive? how did it go? huhhuhhuh?
Yea inquiring minds want to know? I hope it was fab!
On the very very very slim chance (and good luck with the Beeb and so on) do you get free tickets to Strictly Come Dancing? Cos I've got this friend... ;)
Well, no one's come up and offered me that, but it was suggested that some programmers might get sponsored for a tech conference back in the States. I don't think your "friend" would be too keen on that.

On the other hand, I loved seeing "Wicked" a few weeks ago and am certainly keen on seeing other musicals. Maybe not the same thing, but ... :)