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As some of you know, I recently took a cruise to Bermuda with 150 of my closest friends. What you probably didn't know is that a Goth Cruise documentary was being filmed at the same time. It made for a fascinating trip.

And the gang waits for a taxi to take them to the ship. From left to right, Joe, Lil, Annabelle and Sean.

Note that I tried to remember to ask everyone's permission before posting these photos, but I'm know there are photos of people I didn't ask. If you would prefer a photo removed, please let me know (you can email me at [publiustemp-lj1] [at] [yahoo] [dot] [com]). There are also quite a number of photos I didn't post because I know that I shouldn't have. My hard-drive is interesting :)

The dock in Newark was ugly.

But the boat was surreal. A shopping mall on a ship?

And because people lose track of time, every day the staff changes a tile of carpet in the elevators so we can know which day it is.

Bridie and Ian's son Kyle decides to make a free-form sculpture of the unused silverware at the formal dinner.

Sean, Lil and I shared a stateroom and the view from our balcony was gorgeous.

And I think these are mats of algae. We encountered them routinely in the 700 mile trip from Newark to Bermuda.

And we dock in Bermuda.

The ship itself was huge.

Going onto the island, we hit a shopping mall for souvenirs and went upstairs. We found ourselves in a large, empty room. My first thought was what a fantastic nightclub this would make.

In the above photo, you'll notice the huge shutters on the windows. They are apparently for rolling the shutters across the windows for when the hurricanes hit.

And another view of the ship.

We accidentally stumbled across Bermuda's prison. Palm trees and an ocean view. I can think of worse places to be incarcerated.

Annabelle and Lil haven't even been drinking (yet).

Annabelle contemplates a passage to another world.

No, Lil. That's not a pineapple. You can't eat it.

I want this car.

I think I'll have something brown to drink.

A view of one of the downtown areas of a Bermudian (not "Bermudan"!) village.

Many of the houses were lovely.

And catching a ferry back to the ship.

This puny ship was not ours.

Riding the ferry back.

In case you're thinking that it would be nice to own a house here, prices start at $1.3 million US and you cannot live there unless you're Bermudian or married to a Bermudian. I can't help but wonder how locals afford to buy. I suspect that some of the information we were given wasn't accurate. (This is reinforced by the fact that were told that there's virtually no crime to speak of, yet they have a large prison.)

A lovely courtyard near the dock.

This abandoned shell of a building had a "danger, keep out" sign. Naturally, that's an invitation to me.

Bonus, they have cats!

Then I found a magnificent staircase. The photo with flash was OK.

The photo without flash was wonderful.

So I climbed to the top only to find there was nowhere to walk, but there was a cactus growing out of the upper floor.

And there's Annabelle looking up at me.

And here's Lil with a flash.

But again, without the flash was much more interesting to me.

We found a small cove and the water was incredibly clear.

And this photo, taken while the sun was setting, managed to capture a couple of lovely ladies who are too small to be properly appreciated. I assume they are merely too small in the photo. They looked delightful in real life. (Note the cannon)

Walking back, we found an interesting tree.

That some unnamed lady really appreciated.

Sean and Lil.

The dock at night. I really need a better camera so I can capture pictures like this.

The next day looked lovely.

Interesting name for a ferry.

Goths on beaches always stand out.

These photos are in Horseshoe Bay.

Why you don't want to see Ovid naked.

Here's some of the camera equipment for the film. On the far right is Jeannie, the lady responsible for the documentary.

On our way back.

You'll notice that the houses all have white roofs. Bermuda has no naturally occurring fresh water, every three years all houses have the roof repainted with anti-bacterial white paint. Rain water is captured from a drainage system on the roof. Bermudian's are very good at conserving water. If you don't have one of these roofs, you have to pay $100 US for every 600 gallons of water.

The staff seemed to enjoy torturing our towels.

Becky, Joe and Lil get ready to go dancing.

One of the swimming pools on the ship, complete with body floating in it (at this point, we're already back out to sea and I still can't take night photos.)

And one of the many, many bars on board.

Becky admiring another tortured towel.

The hallway view from our stateroom.

And looking down from a balcony, you can see it's a long fall. This is a huge ship!

A view of the bridge.

And it's clear sailing on the way back.

Becky and Sean relaxing.

And many photos from our last dance.

This is Tessa. I didn't realize that the ship got in a day before my flight, so she and Becky let me crash with them at a hotel in New Jersey. Thanks!

The film crew is having fun, too.

Come to the dark side. We have cookies!

Unless I heard wrong, this lovely couple got married on the ship.

This couple did not, but they were still great to hang out with.

Ian, Bridie and Kyle. I hope to visit them in the next couple of months. Ian is busy pretending he's doing the NaNoWriMo thing which pretty much means he'd be ignoring any guests right now :)

And the formal dining room was decadent, to say the least.

More towel torture.

And goths do karaoke, too! (Becky's got an awesome voice, but she's not the one singing here).

It was interesting on the last night. The waves were pretty fierce and while dancing, we often had the entire dance floor pitch in one direction or the other and everyone struggled to stay upright. A number failed in this struggle, some of whom were confined to their bathrooms.

And a quick shot of the hotel I stayed at before flying back home.

The cruise was fantastic. One sour note was being seated at breakfast with a bunch of older right-wingers. The conversation turned to politics and one gentleman said that we need to temporarily give up some of our freedoms to meet the current threat, even if that means giving them up for a few decades. I made the mistake of mentioning how I thought it was interesting that few in the US seem to care about the motivations of those who hate us and after some discussion, the aforementioned gentleman gave an impassioned, impromptu speech recalling the horrors terrorists have visited upon us and said "I don't care what their motivations are." The other people at the table raised their glasses saying "I'll drink to that."

With such willful ignorance, is it any wonder why we're in such a mess?

I look forward to next year's cruise in the Mediterranean. We'll hit five countries in ten days. It's going to be fantastic.
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