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I was at a Covenant concert with Amy and Chris (many of my Portland friends doubtless know them) and I heard a fantastic song played by the DJ before Covenant was on the stage. Today I found that song.

Modulate is a Manchester, UK band and the song in question is the "Faderhead" link on their player. It's certainly not to everyone's taste, but it's fantastic dance music. (I believe the song is actually entitled "Dirty Grrrls, Dirty Boys" and Faderhead is merely a band doing a remix.) The other song, "Skullfuck" is a popular dance hit in Europe -- well, in the clubs I'm likely to hang out in.

Modulate is should be releasing their first album in early 2008. I will definitely be getting it.

Update: As it turns out, the song is "DirtyGrrrlsDirtyBois" by Faderhead, a German band, and Modulate is the one doing the remix.
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Modulate is actually a Leeds based thing. DJ Echo, of the monthly club night, the wendy house there. Hes also a splendid fellow. Their EP is already out.
Their Myspace page says Manchester, though they mention "The Wendyhouse" in Leeds on their page. Too bad I'm so far south :/
well worth a hotel trip, possibly the greatest club I've ever been to, and I've been to a hell of a lot. Even if you only make it once, its the most laid back, welcoming club I've come across. Its renowned the world over for the quality of music, and its one of the only places I've visited where you actually have "fun" as opposed to just enjoy yourself. I drive there myself, Its about an hour from Nottingham, and stay sober, I enjoy it that much.
Thanks...but I'm definitely from Manchester. I just DJ in Leeds most of the time. :)
Thats what you get when you know someone through mutual friends I guess. :P Being originally from Manchester myself though. I wouldnt wish that on anyone :) .

I was going to tell Gilly to let you know actually, it seems this very track (the modulate mix), is a massive floor filler in both the Derby and Leicester Mosh (on the Indie/electro floors). I was rather impressed by hearing my colleague warming up with that :P
I'd be interested to know where everyone got it from though given the only place you can legally get it at the moment is from Germany.
Joel gets Most of his stuff through various distributors who send him promo after promo. I dont suspect much foul play, as he's a pretty upstanding bloke, with a dim view on piracy owing to running his own indie label, but if you'd like me to ask him, I'm more than happy to.

I myself would kill for a copy of Your version of No good, to play to my friday and saturday night rock crowd at the two clubs. :P Now I don't Resident at Nightmare, these kind of promo's come my way once in a blue moon.
It's entirely possible they've sent promos out of it. I haven't got a copy myself yet.

No Good...sorry. Can't do that. No disrespect, but there are very very few people I would trust with pre-release copies these days. We are chasing up all the samples in it with a view to releasing it on the album though. :)

No offence taken. I'm in no hurry. I'm happy to pick up a copy of the album myself as/when its up and about. I'm sure I'll hear on the grapevine when its done and dusted. :)
Modulate is great, super nice guys as well, we had them out herre opening for Combichrist.

Regarding that track, which album is it on?
That track isn't officially released yet. Apparently they're still waiting for permission from Faderhead's label.

And I'm envious that you met them!
Eyes now playing stat. . .

yet you have managed to accquire a copy of it. . .


pretty please :0)

Apparently a copy of this track is available on CD 2 of Endzeit Bunkertracks, a 4 CD compilation of dark electronic music. The price is €30.00 which, right now, is about $45 US :(

If you keep looking, I'm sure you could find a download somewhere. I was only listening to it through the player on MySpace.
NO, not ripping it and sticking it all over the net, utilizing it as part of posted playlists for the club nights I run, the Regen Magazine podcast etc, directing people back to places they can buy it, most definately.

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Somebody has since removed it, but there were instructions on how and where to download the file posted up here earlier which is what I was responding to.

That was pretty cool! I went to Klubatomix in San Antonio, it's near SAC. It plays stuff like that. It is a cool place to go. Only my friend drank to much and we got asked to leave. :( I think I need a drinking buddy who can walk without weaving after two drinks.
Cool, thanks for the plug. From what I've heard people seem to be liking it in the US. :)
I certainly liked it enough that when I was down in Camden the other weekend, I picked up the Skullfuck EP. I have to admit, I'm liking the music on this side of the pond.

Out of curiosity, how the hell did you find this blog entry? Did you just google for "Modulate, dirty grrls" or something?
Yeah, I will generally have a look to see how much club play tracks get and things. Just general reviews, feedback etc.