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Finding Music

I was at a Covenant concert with Amy and Chris (many of my Portland friends doubtless know them) and I heard a fantastic song played by the DJ before Covenant was on the stage. Today I found that song.

Modulate is a Manchester, UK band and the song in question is the "Faderhead" link on their player. It's certainly not to everyone's taste, but it's fantastic dance music. (I believe the song is actually entitled "Dirty Grrrls, Dirty Boys" and Faderhead is merely a band doing a remix.) The other song, "Skullfuck" is a popular dance hit in Europe -- well, in the clubs I'm likely to hang out in.

Modulate is should be releasing their first album in early 2008. I will definitely be getting it.

Update: As it turns out, the song is "DirtyGrrrlsDirtyBois" by Faderhead, a German band, and Modulate is the one doing the remix.
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