More (alleged) Republican Hypocricy

Seems yet another Republican gay sex scandal is brewing. He allegedly had consensual sex with another male and was possibly being blackmailed. He also voted against same sex domestic partnership and against a bill which would outlaw sexually oriented discrimination. He's a state lawmaker, though, so I doubt much will be heard about this on the national level.

Given how so many Republicans seem to be hypocritical about sex, it bugs me that I really can't say much about the spreadsheet. Years ago I happened to be privy to data from a company which had lots of interesting customer data. After a while, someone thought to do some data mining. The database had information about which political party a customer was registered with and which products the customer bought, so someone created a spreadsheet with purchased products grouped by political affiliation. How many people would kill to have this information? It was fantastic. As it turns out, the overwhelming majority of sex-related (as in pornographic) products were purchased by Republicans.

For a variety of reasons, I can't say any more and it frustrates the hell out of me. I knew the data sources and they were of extremely high quality, but since I can't prove it or cite sources, it just becomes another useless Internet anecdote :(
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That's interesting because (obviously) Democrats DO buy sex products. I wonder if the skew isn't more related to the venue of purchase??
Democrats were buying sex products, but they tended to do so left often and they were considerably tamer products. It was clearly Republicans buying the hardcore stuff. Also, while I can't describe it, the venue was probably not an issue.

Bah! I wish I could say more without getting some folks in trouble :(
I heard a stat on the radio once that Republicans were 3 times more likely to be into hardcore S&M than Democrats.

Posit: sexually repressed people are more likely to engage in sexually deviant behavior. This is true on a cultural level as well.

Ever dated someone from India? Holy god...