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Rush Limbaugh Nominates Self for Nobel Peace Prize

No, I'm not kidding. Rush Limbaugh was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize.

OK, I'll wait for you to stop laughing. Now here's the scoop: he was nominated by Landmark Legal Foundation. They have a press release about their unsolicited nomination of Rush Limbaugh for this award. It's "unsolicited" because there's a restricted list of people and organizations who can nominate people and this right wing partisan foundation is not on that list. Here's the kicker: they admit that Rush sits on their Board of Advisors. Though it's possible that Rush didn't know about this (riiiiiight), in reality he could have stepped in at any time and said "hey guys, this looks like a conflict of interest and is inappropriate." Of course he didn't do that. His ego's at stake.

Here's another interesting bit: by the rules of the Nobel Committee, they ask that nominees and nominators refrain from making nominations public. Seems Landmark doesn't care for these rules, but I'm pretty damned sure those rules are in place to stop what Rush is doing.

Allegedly, Mark Levin now wants to open an investigation into the Nobel Committee's process. Seems he thinks something is fishy. Who is Mark Levin? If you read the Landmark Legal Foundation's "nomination" I linked to above, you'll note it's signed by Mark Levin, their president. Can this situation get any more ridiculous? Yes, it can.

Since Rush sits on Landmark's board, he had to know that he had been nominated by them. Of course, before the announcement, he had this to say about this (I'm listing all of his comments about this so that it can't be taken out of context):

The Nobel Peace Prize is going to be awarded this Friday, and it's a close call, according to CNN, between Algore and me as to who will win the coveted peace prize. Well, there's some Eskimo, too, that's up for it, an Inuit tribe member is up for it, so there's three of us, a close race, but the front-runners are considered to be Algore and me. Now, I might not win the prize, but they can never take this nomination away from me. They can never take that away from me. I might not win it, but I should. After the last ten days, folks, I should be the recipient of the Medal of Congressional Distraction. Here's what CNN reported. This was Sunday, a couple days ago on This Week at War. The anchor, Tom Foreman, reported this.

FOREMAN: Quick question. What do Rush Limbaugh and Al Gore have in common? On Friday, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced. Among those nominated, former Vice President Al Gore and radio host Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: Yeah, baby. (laughing) Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, as reported by CNN. (laughing) All right. As I say, they can never, ever take this away from me.

Anyone notice what he didn't say? He forgot to mention that it's the Landmark Legal Foundation and his friend Mark Levin who nominated him. He also didn't mention that they have no standing to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize. By this standard, I can nominate myself and go around bragging that I'm a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Great thing to have on my CV,eh?

Go out and check rushlimbaugh.com and you can read all the pissy articles he's linking to. After Gore won the award, Rush showed how a mature, responsible adult handles disappointment:

The Nobel committee has officially rendered themselves a pure, 100 percent joke.
If there has ever been an engine for peace in the world, it is the United States military. So I call on Albert Arnold Algore to redirect his Nobel Peace Prize to genuine agents of peace.
Much the same way as the Nobel Prize gave credence to Jimmy Carter's anti-Semitism and Yasser Arafat's 'peace' campaign, Algore now has that same credibility for the 'religion' of global warming.

Wow. Talk about throwing a temper tantrum worthy of a five year old. I just can't stop laughing.

Credit: original story found at pensitoreview.com.

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