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I Told You So

While I often complain about how heavily the UK government spies on its own people, I also talk about emotions overriding reason and the fact that CCTV just plain doesn't work. Many British agree to trade their freedom for safety and wind up with less of both, but they pay more for the privilege.

What really pisses me off about this is that we know CCTV isn't very useful. Who's telling us this? The same people who are telling us we need CCTV, the UK government! The linked article from a couple of years ago reported on a study where the government admitted CCTV doesn't work. So the Lib-Dems recently applied under the British Freedom of Information Act to get a lot of crime and CCTV data and guess what? Seems CCTV cameras still don't reduce crime. From the article, it appears that Scotland Yard knows this but rather than admit that the government is wrong, they're trying to figure out how to make it right.

Unfortunately, it's not a battle we can win. All we need is one or two high profile cases solved with the help of CCTV and the public will beg the government to continue spying on them. Never mind that, in aggregate, this spying doesn't solve crime. Nobody in government pushing CCTV gives a damn about whether it works. They just don't want to lose face and admit they were wrong.

Meanwhile, wear a hat with a brim and keep your face down.
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