Pandora's (boom) Box

da_lj turned me on to Pandora and it's fantastic. It's the "Music Genome Project". Type in the name of an artist or song and it analyzes it and creates a custom internet radio station for featuring similar music. After a few tries, I typed in "Covenant" and it played Covenant's "Figurehead". Here's the playlist so far:

  • Covenant - Figurehead
  • VNV Nation - Legion
  • Neuroticfish - M.F.A.P.L.
  • Assemblage 23 - Drive

All bands I really enjoy. How can I complain?

Theoretically it's only for US users, but I've had no problem. Go figure.

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i really like pandora. there are tools out there for ripping the streams as well.

for my last theme party (prohibition), i put in a couple of examples and had party theme music ready in a jiffy.
Not only do I wholly concur on Pandora, I just came back from my evening/morning walk listening to the tune in your "Music" line there. ;) In spite of their sheer goofiness on stage I love that little tune.
I've been using Pandora for a while and sometimes it takes a bit of time to get the station tuned to just the perfect playlist. My station based on Stereolab, Dengue Fever, Black Box Recorder and Blond Redhead was perfect from the start but the one based on My Bloody Valentine needed a lot of Thumbs Up/Down before it got better.
I used Pandora quite a while ago, and it was awesome. But I stopped using it when I realized how much it was hogging memory, and how much it was hurting my poor computer. =\ Have they fixed that since I last listened?
I listen to pandora all the time at work. Love it. I started my station with Bjork and went from there. Cheers!
"based on what you've told us so far, we're playing this track because it features use of call-and-response vocals, melodic part writing, a tight kick sound, a highly synthetic sonority and prevalent use of groove"

i'm a huge fan of the pandora... i've been using it for years and now, my stations are pretty well set and rarely play anything other than the perfect song that i want to listen to... it's amazing and wonderful...