The BBC Club

I've already mentioned this in a "friends only" entry, but for those who don't know, I've accepted a job offer from the BBC as a Senior Software Engineer. I'll miss a lot of the folks I'm working with, but the offer ensures my stability in the UK. Since I cannot risk being unemployed until I get citizenship, the position with the BBC pretty much guarantees that I don't have to worry about deportation or other minor issues like that. I'll also be working with some technologies I've been itching to get into more. Of course, it certainly doesn't hurt that some of them have been looking forward to the first official release of an open source software project I'm leading (the new Test::Harness, for those who care about such things).

Last night was spent at the BBC Club bar in the Television Centre with my future colleagues. They filled me in on what it's like to work for the BBC and the Programmer Information Pages project I'm to be working on. They seemed like a great bunch of guys and I had a blast.

And I'm looking forward to having a private club with cheap beer. Tough to find in London :)
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And the first rule of the BBC Club is?
Wow @ the BBC Club. Just wow.
Excellent news! Working on PIPs. That's a cool project. And a lovely bunch of people.

Please ignore any code you see in svn with my name on. I never committed any code all the time I was there - so they must have faked it :-)
Congratulations! The BBC generally treats techie staff well, and you'll get to work with some *really* clever people doing cool stuff.

I think working for Auntie is some kind of rite of passage for UKish perl people - everyone seems to do it at some point.
Fabulous, we are really pleased for you, Hannnah thought Uncle Curtis was going to be on the telly, your street cred went through the roof until we explained that was not the case, sorry its now zilch!!! but I'm sure it will get higher once she knows you're heading this way for Crimbo?!!!!