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The Daily Media Hate

Whenever I read a news article, I often find myself asking "what did they leave out?" For example, when Michael Jackson moved to Bahrain, I wondered if Bahrain had an extradition treaty with the US. (It doesn't). So today when I read The Daily Mail article about one fifth of crimes in London being committed by immigrants, I suspected it was their usual immigrant bogey man gonna get you drivel. I also noticed a telling bit of information they left out of the article: a full one third of Londoners are immigrants.

The Daily Mail is one of those things I will only read online because I will not contribute financially to those who promote hate. The newspaper is poorly written right wing propaganda (note that searching for "Daily Hate" on Wikipedia simply redirects you to the Daily Mail entry). I first encountered this rag in my sister's house in Staffordshire and I was aghast. I was staying there for several days and read that paper each day. I couldn't believe how poorly written the articles were, how obviously slanted they were and how photos in immigration scare stories were clearly chosen to cast immigrants in the poorest light.

Of course, it's also fair to say that when you read something, it can still be perfectly accurate and yet not cast things in the correct light. Recently the blogosphere lit up when Bush said "I think I got a B in Econ 101. I got an A however in keeping taxes low, and being fiscally responsible with the people's money." People were incensed because Bush actually received a C in economics, but really, that was many years ago. It's an easy mistake to make and certainly not one I'm going to fault him for. What I found more telling was the actual quip. Regardless of whether or not you agree with it, it's funny. It's one of those quips that make you stop and think "hey, maybe this guy ain't so stupid." However, when you watch the actual video, it's incredibly painful. Bush speaks slowly, stumbling over words and clearly was trying to avoid a question he didn't understand. Reading about Bush and actually watching him in action can lead to dramatically different interpretations.

I guess there really is no hope for profit-driven media. Everyone seems to have an agenda, no one seems to think critically any more and we're getting lost in a sea of useless trivia. Just like this blog entry.
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