Fucking Microsoft Bastards :(

I have a very, very quiet hotmail account. This account was used for privacy reasons when I needed an email address which was not associated with my name.

Today I checked it. It's now "Windows Live Hotmail". My inbox is empty. They deleted all of my old email.

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Yikes. Yet another item to add to the pile of crap. Sorry to hear that.
How long ago has it been since you checked your Hotmail acount? It's been Windows Live Hotmail for a while now. They automatically reset accounts if inactive for 30 days.
It's been more than 30 days, but I can guarantee that this was not always their behavior (even if it was their policy). More than once I've ignored that account for months, only to check back and the email is still there.
Interesting. I've used Hotmail on-and-off for about 8 years, and it always deactivated my account and deleted my e-mails.
Been that way for a long time now. I have windows live hotmail. I've tried the newer one twice and hated it. I'm cringing when they finally force me into the new one. I totally don't like it.
windows hotmail
I used to think that 'Windows, hotmail' was some kind of smart health and safety directive in case of spontaneous combustion occurring around my mail!!!