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You know, ever since the wonderful starroses dropped into London on vacation, little things have been going wrong left and right. None of these things are her fault, but the timing is phenomenally annoying. We finally had a decent stretch the other day when we went to the London Eye, headed to a museum to see The Terracotta Army and finished the day seeing the musical Wicked. I love musicals and this one was no exception. We had to pay a pretty penny to get decent seats, but it was worth it.

So with all of that good stuff, what could be wrong? Well, a few weeks ago I sprained my left ankle and that put a halt to my running. A couple of weeks ago, in Vienna, I hurt my right foot pretty seriously (never went to the doctor, though) and that delayed my running even more. So now that starroses is here, I don't want to risk hurting my feet any more lest I be unable to go places with her. Yesterday morning, I broke a toe on my left foot. I'll try to post pictures of this week (including my toe), but damn it, my feet could really use a break! (Er, maybe that's not the phrase I want here)
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