Still in Vienna

Still in Vienna and looking forward to seeing more of it. The conference has been fantastic so far and Vienna is lovely. I've taken a few photos and hope to be posting them when I get home.

I arrived in Vienna (known as "Wein", locally) on Monday and after checking into my room, I immediately went into the city. Since conference pre-registration was at Centimeter III (lots of photos at that link), I thought it would be nice to walk there. Catching the train from Westbahnhof to the Volktheater station, I immediately discovered that my tiny map wasn't good enough to get me to Liechtensteinstraße where the restaurant is. I asked a lady for help and she informed me I needed to take the "D train". I thanked her and asked how to walk it since I was new to the city and wanted to see some of it. She replied "No, take the D train."

A bit strange, but I should have taken her advice. I managed to hurt my foot on the walk and have been limping through the conference ever since.

In walking along and sometimes asking for directions, I've discovered the magic words to bring a smile to any Austrian's lips are "Entschuldigen Sie, sprechen Sie Englisch?" (Excuse me, do you speak English?) I've had several Austrian's tell me how nice it was for me to ask that in German because English speakers are notorious for assuming that other's already speak English.

The last three days have consisted mainly of me going out and getting drunk with the other conference folks, meeting quite a few people I've only known online (especially enjoyed hanging out with Andy Armstrong and Aristotle) and then desperately trying to wake up early enough to catch the train from Westbahnhof to Spittelau to get to the conference at Wirtschaftsuniversität. All things considered, lots and lots of fun.
hey - quick question.

suppose i have a file handle from a form upload, is there an easy way to dereference this and get the filename for insertion into a table?
You can't dereference a filehandle. It's usually an IO slot in a glob or merely a scalar. Assuming you're using, you get the filename with the regular 'param' function:

my $filename = $cgi->param('param_name');
except that the param('param_name') is actually returning a file handle.

as per the CGI perldoc, the filename returned is also a file handle - when i tried to inject this into the database, it was causing a dereference error.

It doubles as a file handle but that’s only for compatibility with legacy code and you shouldn’t use it that way. Get the filename using the upload method instead.

my $fname = $cgi-> param( 'attach' );
my $upfh  = $cgi->upload( 'attach' );
yes, you are correct and the upload method is being used. The problem comes in when the param is being used to get the original filename and DBI complains that the filename is a reference. DBI is being used via Class::DBI:

my $filename = $cgi->param('filename');
my $ugh = $cgi->upload('filename');
[ with file...]
File->insert({filename => $filename});

error happens at insert complaining about a referrence.

Well, if that was your problem, why didn’t you ask about that? :-)

Just stringify the variable. Put it in doublequotes; concatenate it to the empty string; whatever.