Canadians Invading Camden

Went out to Camden with friends last night. We ate at the Arizona restaurant and I asked the ridiculously cute waitress where she was from. Turns out she's from Quebec and speaks French (with a curious accent). Later, as we left, one of my friends said "Leaving the your French filly behind?"

I replied "I think you've mispronounced fille."

Note to self: nobody laughs at bilingual puns.

Later we went to World's End in Camden. I must say that Keith was rather disappointed with his homeopathic JD and soda.

(See Paul, I told you I was going to steal your joke. At least I have something people can laugh at).
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Pink Panther
I have enough trouble with unilingual jokes... I failed French at school and my teacher told me I spoke French like Peter Sellers - 'Le Bomb', etc. I seem to use weird pronunciations of English too, so maybe I just shouldn't talk in public :(
Re: Pink Panther
Yes, but I seem to recall you pointing out to your teacher that Peter Sellers made a mint mangling la belle langue like he did :)
That "curious" accent is Quebecois.

We branched off from the French from France linguistically in many ways centuries ago. In some ways, the dialect retains archaic forms of French and in other ways it just evolved a bit differently.

What is it with you and the Quebec women?
My grandfather would have laughed - he had a reputation for punning in 3 languages - English German and French!