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Stepping down and need a replacement

The announcement is finally up. I'm stepping down from running the Perl Foundation (TPF) Grant Committee. Frankly, I need a break and I'm no longer as productive as I should be. I'm trying to do too many things and while pet projects can linger, my role with TPF can't. It's not fair to the Perl community if I let this slide, so I realized I had no choice. Since we're an all volunteer group, there's no way to take a vacation. If you are interested in volunteering for TPF, read the linked entry.

As a side note, I'll still be available for the next person who runs the committee. It takes a bit to get up to speed at times and I'm quite willing to answer all questions for them.

Side note: interesting coincidence that my pdx42 is doing the same thing right now.

Side note #2: yes, I really am listening to "Gulag" and it's not meant as any sort of commentary :)

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