Are you on drugs?

I like your structure!

So here's the latest OKCupid spam for me:

My name is Natalya. To me has very much liked Your structure, if You not against I with the great pleasure would get acquainted With you is closer. I liked such men as you. Write to me on mine e-mail If you too search serious attitudes as well as I that is necessary to us To get acquainted. Write to me I with impatience I shall wait from you
The letter.

(You can tell it's spam because of an empty profile, a sexy pic of a hot woman and despite the email address, lists herself as living in Kansas :)

OKCupid is great, but really, their spam problem is getting out of control. Still, this one was pretty damned funny.

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If it's any consolation, I got the EXACT same message on

What is annoying is that it's SO EASY to block these scripted mass-messaging attempts...

1. Stick a hidden form property(random code of course. And remember to store the lookee/look-at info in a database) into the page where you write the message.
2. check that the code is present and exists in the database.(And that it of course matches the to/from info)
3. Instaban anyone where it doesn't match...

4. anyone posting more than once/minute needs some sort of human-verification...

Of course, the major reason that they don't stop spammers instantanously is MONEY.
If spammers/phishers knew that they would be stopped almost instantly, they would never register(and pay the membership fee) in the first place...
I get those all the time on yahoo in my spam folder. I'm starting to get them in my regular mail again since yahoo redid some of their stuff. I get it in myspace too.
I kinda like the line though. I might have to test that one out somewhere.
Can you see it working if it came from an actual human being?
Yeah, I used to get the same e-mails on and OK Cupid.

I liked the one who said she made a typo in her profile... she lived in Odessa, Russia and not Odessa, TX. Personally, either one would have been a turn-off. Heh.