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Want a kitty? Want to support the troops?

Portlanders: Even if you disagree with the war, you might still feel compassion for the soldiers being forced to risk their lives for this atrocity. One soldier, being shipped to Kuwait, is desperate to find a good home for her cat. Can you help?

Note that I don't know this individual and she may very well disagree strongly with my views of current US foreign policy. I'm reasonably certain the cat doesn't care, though.

Update: Whoops! Turns out the owner is with Mercy Corps and going over for a literacy program, not for the military.
Awww I'd take the kitty but I'm not sure the owner would be ok with the indoor outdoor policy we have for our fuzzballs.
I would if only Linus was willing to share space with other cats. Any new cat I take on will mean 3 months or more of hissing and yelling while I patiently wait out the storm. Not ready for that right now.

I'll ask Matt tomorrow though if he wants to add to his black and white herd.