You know you're having a bad day when ...

So I get up this morning at 6:00 AM. I stumbled into the bathroom and decided to scrub out the tub a bit before my shower. Then I took the shower head, turned on the water and rinsed out the tub. I leaned forward to inspect my work and it was all I could do to keep from screaming.

Yes, I've scalded my penis.

Yet another item for my "things not to do before coffee" list.
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how exactly
My wife is wondering just how exactly you managed this.. myself I just put it down to carelessness while nekkid.

Also she reckons all programmers are gormless so I wish I hadn't mentioned it now.
Ouch! Still, possibly well-deserved for cleaning your tub at 6 am when all right thinking people are still stumbling toward the coffee maker.
So, what? "1) Coffee (2) scald penis" is how that should go? I make light only to keep from imagining how badly that hurt.
You see, a guy just can't make a remark about his body without some sexist comment from women. I swear, I can't tell you how tired I am of women talking to my crotch or having female bosses make "jokes" about promotion.

If only women could truly appreciate just how insensitive they are when they treat men as sex objects.

Hubba, hubba.
It just occurred to me to ask if you soaked it in ice cold water afterwards.
Gee, my day seems filled with butterflies, sunshine and all my tests passing by comparison. ;)
I would have thought that it wouldn't be such a great idea after coffee either...
I hope it's not wrong for me to laugh hysterically at your misfortune in my cubicle making all my coworkers think that I am crazy.
Hell, even I'm laughing at my misfortune. It's just annoying how much it itches now. Scratching is not an option.
They heal quick. Not that I have experience with injuring men or anything. Nope not me. But they do heal quick.
You did this to make everyone on your friends list think of you and your penis the next time they showered!

Powwwwwwwerful mind control.
EW....that's my brother. eyemagination is NOT an option!
Oh Bro, I got a joke for you. Does a dyslexic athiest not believe in dog?
Next time I scrub my shower, this will go through my head. :) It must be my lack of said equipment but it took a few seconds for me to figure out how you were able to do that.