Geek Alert: Ovid's vimrc

Most of you can ignore. Vim fans might see a bit useful stuff here. Basically, I'm putting this up here so I can easily find it no matter which computer I'm at. No, it's not my complete .vimrc. There are a few work-specific items removed.

set nocompatible
set bs=2
set expandtab
set ts=4
set shiftwidth=4
set textwidth=78
set nowrap
set ruler
set autowrite
set hlsearch
set hidden
set autoindent
set fenc=utf8
set incsearch
set showmatch
set smarttab

filetype plugin on

syntax on
colorscheme evening " so we can actually read the darned comments
nohl                " start without highlighting, fer crissakes

noremap ,pt    :%!perltidy -q<cr> " only work in 'normal' mode
noremap ,qq    :%s/(\n\s\+\(qq\?\)\[/(\1[<cr>
noremap ,c     :!perl -Ilib -c %<cr>
noremap ,ca    :!cvs annotate % <bar> less <cr>
noremap ,cl    :!cvs diff % <bar> wc -l <cr>
noremap ,d     :!perl -Ilib -d %<cr>
noremap ,h     :nohl<cr>
noremap ,j     :ls<cr>:e#
noremap ,pd    :!perldoc %<cr>
noremap ,r     :!perl -Ilib %<cr>
noremap ,s     :!subs %<cr>
noremap ,t     :!runtests -lpv -It/lib -It/tests "%"<cr>
noremap ,tc0   :%s/^\v\s*sub\s+\w+[^:]*:.*Tests?\s*(\(\s*(no_plan\|\d+)\s*\))?\s*\{.*$/& ;return;<cr>
noremap ,tc1   :%s/^\v(\s*sub\s+\w+[^:]*:.*Test.*\{.*) ;return;/\1/<cr>
noremap ,tm    ?^sub.*:.*Test<cr>w"zyeOBEGIN { $ENV{TEST_METHOD} = '<c-r>z' }<esc>:nohl<cr>&

vnoremap ,pt   :!perltidy -q<cr>  " only work in 'visual' mode
vnoremap ,qq   :s/(\n\s\+\(qq\?\)\[/(\1[<cr>

" automatically source the .vimrc file if I change it
" the bang (!) forces it to overwrite this command rather than stack it
au! BufWritePost .vimrc source %

noremap ,v  :source ~/.vimrc<cr>
noremap ,V  :e ~/.vimrc<cr>

" make sure the backspace key works
if &term=="xterm"
    " this is a "control-v backspace"
    set t_kb=^?

" make tab autocomplete :)
function! InsertTabWrapper()
      let col = col('.') - 1
      if !col || getline('.')[col - 1] !~ '\k'
          return "\<tab>"
          return "\<c-p>"

inoremap <tab> <c-r>=InsertTabWrapper()<cr>

" the following ensures that I cannot commit a file until I've done a quick
" code review
noremap ,cd :call SourceReview()<cr>  " cvs diff
noremap ,cc :call SourceCommit()<cr>  " cvs commit

let g:last_tick = 0
function! SourceReview()
    :!cvs diff % | less
    let g:last_tick = b:changedtick

function! SourceCommit()
    if g:last_tick == b:changedtick
        :!EDITOR=/home/cpoe/bin/vim/bin/vim cvs commit %
        let g:last_tick = b:changedtick
        echohl WarningMsg
        echo "You cannot commit source code until you review it"
        echohl None
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What makes vim your preferred editor? I'm not trying to start an emacs vs. vim war. I'm just curious, my needs have been so light I just use nano.
I have pretty heavy needs from my editor. I also have a lot of other customizations, including plugins and alternate filetype mappings.

I've no problem with Emacs. I just don't use it.
I took it and laid it down and rolled on it. It is soft and warm. :)

It was also a pretty interesting look at what is possible in the RC file.. I've not looked at the .vimrc recently, but hey my mac's main editor is vim so I grabbed a few of the niftier options. Thanks for the post even though it was simply to satisfy your own needs.

I was gonna post mine, but you can’t post more than 4k in comments here and it’s 10k; and the version on my site is very, very old.