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Finishing my degree

So the UK has this nifty little program referred to as the Highly Skilled Migrant Program.

Having one would make my life much simpler. Rather than have to worry about getting deported if I'm out of work or being limited to certain types of jobs, the HSMP allows me to live and work in the UK without a work permit.

I wanted to apply for that when I first moved over here. There's an assessment of various qualities about the applicant. One of those assessments was, not surprisingly, whether or not you're highly skilled (hence the cunning name of the program), judged partially in terms of recognition in your field. I thought I might be able to swing that, but unfortunately, another factor was how much money you were paid in the last year. Part of the reason I left my beloved Portland, Oregon is that it's an economic slaughterhouse. Thus, I didn't earn enough money to qualify.

So I figure on a London salary, it's a piece of cake, right?

No! The fuckers changed the program. They no longer consider whether or not you're highly skilled. It's mostly a matter of whether or not you have a Bachelor's degree or better, and get paid a lot.

In other words, it's now the "Highly Paid Migrant Program", but they forgot to change the damned name. Whether or not you are highly skilled is now completely irrelevant. (grrrr ...)

No one can ever qualify for this program without at least a Bachelor's degree. Thus, my dilemma: I need that damned degree. Can anyone recommend an accredited UK university that will let me complete my Bachelor's from home in a reasonable amount of time? I've an Associate's degree from the US (that's a two year degree) and a bit of life experience tucked away (some Unis award credit for that).
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