Back To Running

Yesterday's run was 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). That's not too bad, but it's not where I used to be. Still, it's good to be getting back to where I was. I think I'll stick to this run for a while to help avoid injury. I don't need any more shin splints or ankle problems, thank you.

(There was also a pretty serious -- for me -- upper body workout, but I'm convinced I'll always be skinny as a rail up top)

And my (UK) sister and I will be jointly celebrating our birthday this weekend. What the hell do I get her? I always stress about this bit.
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Spending time with someone is a great gift.

Perhaps a really nice dinner out? Most people our age don't need many things, although she may desire something (um but what, has she any hobbies? Perhaps she gardens or kits? Perhaps is an amatur astronomer?) Flowers are always a nice gift... :D
Does she like bath stuff at all? If so, just head to Lush and spend a ton of cash on bath bombs. Their stuff's fantastic.

5k is a nice run. I'm doing that daily now, though I want to up it slowly so I'm doing at least one 15k day.
Second on the Lush recommendation, definitely.

Are you up for a Birthday pint anytime soon? Sorry I didn't get back to you right away-- I feel like I've just gotten settled.
I'd love to (sorry so late in replying). I'm busy both tonight and Wednesday, but if either Thursday or Friday is free, let me know!

There's a Red Lion in Ealing?-
like aleeka said, most people our age really don't need things -- instead, i've found that giving a gift certificate for a massage or other "treat" items that don't become "stuff" tends to work well.
Things like chocolate, fancy cheeses, wine, or even flowers are awesome because they don't clutter up the house and you can give them again and again. If the person doesn't like it they can "share" with coworkers without guilt and if they do like it then all is good. For my mother I often get movie passes because she loves movies but she can't convince my step-dad to go unless they "have to use up the passes."

Otherwise give money or jewelry (;
I've given up on distance running. I've tried so many things to relieve shin splints but I just can't shake them.
Shin Splints
A couple of things. First, many folks get them because they don't stretch properly (must be done after a warm up, not before running!), and they push themselves too far, too fast, rather than taking shorter runs over a period of weeks to build up.

Second, have you gone down to a proper running store (not Foot Locker or other chain stores!) to have them analyze how you run? I wound up shelling out a bit of money for a decent pair of running shoes after I did that, but they solved my problems (you really need to find someone competent for this). Your feet might roll too much -- that was my problem -- you might over-pronate, or any of a number of things. My problem was solved by buying special shoes with heavier soles on the inside of my feet. They look a bit strange, but they stopped my rolling problem and my legs were aligned properly. After that, a slow build up of running worked. No more shin splints, hip or knee problems.

Many newer runners don't believe it (not saying you fall in this category -- I wouldn't know), but the correct pair of running shoes is critical for avoiding injuries.
Re: Shin Splints
Yah, I stretch after I work out whenever I workout, whatever it is. I haven't been too aggressive about my running... I didn't have any problems for about... 5 months, I was doing 5-7 miles no problem. Then I started doing an aggressive leg weight plan that focused on my lower legs. Next, I started having problems so I stopped doing anything with my legs for about 10 days. I started walking and did a few light runs (1-2 miles). Nothing happened at first so I thought sweet, I'm good, no more aggressive weights on my legs. Started running more but before I had ticked up to 3 miles they were back. I broke down and went to the Running Co and had them fit me for some shoes. He said I had a slight over pronation but not enough to require corrective shoes. He selected neutral shoes with just a touch more support. I tried them out, wasn't having much in the way of problems for the first 3-4 runs then after yesterday I could feel them creeping back. I wanted to do the Portland Marathon but it just doesn't seem like it's worth it. I hate to quit but I don't know what else to do, I've done everything all my runner friends recommend and they keep coming back.
Re: Shin Splints
Ah, sounds like you're doing the right thing. That's a damned shame. Have you thought about breaking down and finding a good sports physiotherapist or something? Isn't that what damnportlanders is for? :)

And hey, it's almost 2 in the morning over there. Aren't you supposed to be in bed, young lady?
Re: Shin Splints
Oh if I could afford it I'd probably see a PT and a trainer but doesn't really work on a student's budget!
hey - quick question for a friend -- do you know of any really good chinese or japanese joints in london? someplace maybe of the quality of murata?

let me know - thanks!
Sorry. I've not had much luck there. Prices are horrendous and the quality very hit or miss. There's a decent one here in Ealing (whose name I can't remember), but it's not great. OK prices, small serving sizes. Bah.

But it's far, far better than the "oh my god, you call this mexican food?" restaurant next door.