OKCupid Hates Me

After you've answered enough questions on OKCupid, it automatically creates a "Match Me!" test for you so that folks can know whether or not you're a good match for them. To my surprise, a few ladies took mine and didn't match too well with me. Given that I know a couple of them, I was highly suspicious of the results. As it turns out, you can't take your own test -- unless you log out. Seems I don't get on with myself terribly well.

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Re: TeeHee
Well, I took it a second time and scored 75%. Seems they change the questions around whenever you load that.
Re: I didn't do as well as I thought I would...
Perhaps it is like runnign a gauntlet? You have to practice a few timese before you can get that full marathon?

Either way, you're awesome.
the matchme tests are notoriously unreliable. And the whole matching thing, whilst fun, should really be taken with a pinch of something or other...