Ouch, ouch, ouch

Today I went to the gym. I've been doing it off and on for a few months, but I've been slacking lately. As a birthday present to myself (I'm a strange man) I decided to do a longer run and I managed half an hour. This is a far cry from the hour long runs I used to do. Tomorrow I will be in pain, but it might be more from my upper body workout than from my legs. I pushed myself harder than I'm used to and worry that I may have (again) torn a muscle in left arm.

Still, it's nice to be my age and not be completely lifeless. Tomorrow I'll be paying the price for it.
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Getting back to the gym seems to be a common theme on my friends list lately. Did you just jump in and run 30 minutes? I so can't do that... easing up on it slowly. By next week I should be back up to 30 minute runs though!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!!!!! Ducks and hides....I knew it was your birthday and had planned to send a card and forgot! Bad sissy! LOL Hope you have a really great day! LOVES AND HUGS!
Happy Birthday! Enjoy all the celebrations of your life that you can. Running isn't what I'd pick, but hey to each his own. Best wishes to you!!

I never know how to express the important, but true parts. This is my attempt to let you know that you're one of the good ones I've encountered along this journey. Thanks for being alive and thanks for being you.

*grinz and sings the Happy Birthday song out of tune*

Thank you very much. That's awesome. I really do hope you get around to really taking care of yourself and being happy. You're too cool not to be able to get it together.
Hrrm. Does that mean that you don't think I am currently taking care of myself or happy? Seriously, I value your opinion. I do agree that I have a ways to go in this process, but I think I am OK.


Anyway, this isn't supposed to be about me.

It's YOUR birthday I was recognizing after all.

*does happy dance for you*
Happy Birthday, although now I believe I'm a day late.