Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,


The Open Source Convention is finally over. While attending, I missed carolee's birthday party. Sorry!

I also missed a friend's wedding reception and my usual Thursday evening dinner with pdx42.

What did I gain for blowing off all of my friends? Well, I turned down a job offer in Vermont, only to have the company still offer to fly me to Vermont for contracting work. Also, the gentleman whose job I turned down a couple of months ago said he might toss me contracting work and several other possibilities arose.

Also, the weird situation with the company I worked with is still continuing. Unfortunately, we have an ex-employee who has been working hard to cause the company to fail by calling one of our clients and spreading some nasty rumors. At least one of the tidbits of information he has suggests that the company made an illegal request of its employees. It's close enough to the truth to make us wonder where he's getting his information, but it's also completely wrong. I'm half hoping that he tries to turn us in to the labor board so I can see if we can nail him for slander. I used to consider this person a friend, but it turns out that he's merely another sad, vindictive person who fails to realize that his own incompetence is what put him where he is today.

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