Scenes from my life: pissing off the boss

Real incident. Fake names.

                 FADE IN:

                 INT. OFFICE - AFTERNOON

                 In a typical, non-descript office, sits OVID and his boss,
                 ALLEN.  In walks BILL, the IT director with a substantial
                 bandage over his nose.

                              I gotta ask.  What the hell happened
                              to your nose?

                              Well, a developer wasn't getting his
                              work done.

                              So you took a swing and he kicked your
                              ass, huh?

                              Ovid, I think you need lessons in basic

                              Depends on where his head was.

Once again, I still have my job, but Lord knows why.

(That's a screenplay format, in case you're wondering.)

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i think you still have your job because to dispose of you would be to dispose of such wit. :)
That is hilarious! I'm always eating shoestores around my boss, I think he keeps me for comic relief!