First Year

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I've lived in the UK for a year now. Unlike my disastrous attempt to move to Amsterdam a few years ago, this time things seem to have worked. It looks like Europe is going to be my home. I've managed to avoid getting deported or fired, so those are both positives.

I fully expected that I would be living in Nottingham, but events have left me in London. I'm quite happy about this since, if I had to leave Portland, it was probably my first choice out of all the cities on the planet. My recent visit to Portland was wonderful, but painful. It made it terribly clear how much I miss the place and my friends there. However, even a cursory exploration of the job market makes it clear that there is really no significant work for me there. Telecommuting is OK, but I'm really an "office" kind of guy. However, I'm fairly happy in London and don't anticipate leaving it any time soon.

In the past year, I've also been to Ireland and Copenhagen and in a couple of months, I'll be visiting Austria and I plan to take a weekend trip to Paris or Brussels. It's nice having Europe at your doorstep.

Other than this, there's not much more to say. It's been a surprisingly uneventful first year in the UK, despite all of the traveling. Life is good.
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I wish I could telecom but the medical field is sorta' hands-on...phhhttt. You gotta go to Northern Italy....a "must do" before you die. I envy your freedom of travel.
Having just done a very touristy-yet-awesome trip to both Paris and Rome, I envy that level of freedom of travel. It was a wonderful trip, but having to fly over and back wasn't so pleasant (especially when we nearly got stranded for a day in Atlanta, ugh).

Do the touristy stuff in Paris. It was great. The Eiffel Tower and Louvre were easily the highlights of our time there. CDG wasn't, though, as that end terminal was easily one of the worst luggage claim areas I've ever visited, but the rest of the airport was nice and decently clean and such, even if we had to ride buses to and from our planes.
Jeeeebus... has it really been a whole year?? Anyway, congrats! Glad you like it here :)
Uneventful can be good! I look forward to an expat pow wow when I get back (I fly back to London tomorrow).