i have wanted to see something like this for a long time but iwas hoping for a webcam but prolly wouldnt work if cat ventured to far from reciever
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Don't let an indoor cat see this. They'll die with jealousy.

See all the awesome stuff the outdoor cat gets to do. I always thought it was cruelty to keep a cat indoors. These pictures convince me that I'm right.

If I ever have a cat (not sayin' I will) it would have to be outdoor.
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i dont like fleas and kids are cruel to outdoor cats, they get run over a lot. more vet bills shortened mortality. we have 3 cats all indoor plus 1 is declawed (adopted that way) sending a declawed cat outside is like giving your son a whiffle ball bat to take to a gun fight. I love my cats more than 95% of humans in my life.

NOW if i lived in a rural area Id have a herd of outdoor cats but within city limits its almost cruel to let them out.
i wonder if this guy could put a gps tracker so her follow the route the cat took
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Declawing cats is illegal here - and so it should be - what a barbaric practice !
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House of Dreams, a Portland free-roam, no-kill cat shelter will only allow you to adopt cats if you promise that they will never be outdoor cats. Cats that are allowed to live outdoors have more health problems, face more dangers, and generally have much shorter lifespans than indoor cats. Your cats can be quite happy indoors, so long as you play with them and maintain a stimulating environment.
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Ok, they will live long, healthy, and exceptionally boring lives.

Growing up, we had an outside cat who was declawed, wore a bell, and lost one eye to cancer, and could still climb trees and stalk and kill birds, rabbits, and mice. She was too smart to fight other cats. She lived to be 13, when the cancer finally took her. That was one happy, old cat.

Of course the previous 5 cats we had all died before they were 3 years old cuz they all got hit by cars. So I just argued both for and against my point. Still, their lives were short, but arguably a short happy life is better than a long, boring one.

There's only one way to settle this argument: We need to ask a cat!

Unfortunately, until cats can talk, I'm afraid we'll just have to disagree.
Another illustration of the maxim, "Never ask a geek 'why?', just nod your head and back away slowly."
I saw this a while back. It was a very clever mod. I was actually wanting to see many mire pics. I always wonder what cats do when they leave the house :)
Totally cool! I can't let my Bogey out here unfortunately. I've had two cats here that were deliberately run over and a neighbor even trapped and killed several others so I have a strictly indoor cat.
Grins, I want to get out of this park. I have a better idea. He wants to buy my trailer! LOL
kitty cam
these were fabulous, took Jazz (my cat) to the vets and found out that he is now a she , would love to see what she gets up to.