Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Back In London

Well, I'm now back in London. I don't yet have Internet in my new house, so my posting will be limited for a bit.

Portland, as those who live there know, was wonderful. It was fantastic seeing pdx42 and _sister_madly_ again. Also spent plenty of quality time with gorthx, coradee, and, in fact, too many people to mention. I miss Portland, damn it! Of course, I don't miss the lack of work there and, in any event, London is still wonderful. I do, however, have at least two people I owe serious apologies to for not getting the time to see them. That's the rough thing about traveling back. Too many people and too little time.

My favorite incident (that I'm willing to discuss publicly) was when a friend I'll refer to as "Alex" walked up to me at Convergence and, being the friendly guy that he is, started groping me. I then gestured to soothsavage and said "So, Alex, have you met my niece?"¹

Upon returning to London, I find that my new neighbor's house is padlocked shut from the outside. When I met him, he seemed like a nice Chinese gentleman who, because his English was poor, kept calling me "Christie" instead of "Curtis". He insisted we swap cell phone numbers since we were neighbors.

Seems his house is padlocked from the outside because he was arrested ... for running a brothel out of that house. If the police check his cell phone, they're going to find my number in there. Sheesh.

1. OK, she's not really my niece, but I've known her and her father, pdx42 forever and she's about as close to a niece as it gets.
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