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Was hanging out with velvetdahlia and her husband burryman and watching Eurovision (with liberal amounts of very necessary alcohol). This is basically some bizarre annual contest where the goal seems to be able to create the absolute worst song you possibly can yet still get your political allies (i.e., neighboring countries) to vote for what a great song it is.

Despite this, there was some good music this year. And the one which should have won, but didn't:

They are Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov and the song is entitled "Water".
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As I said on IRC at the time (for what is Eurovision without constant bitching about it?) this sounds like it should be on the "Hacker's" soundtrack.

I love the Bulgarian entry. It seems like we both were suffering with hay fever or maybe it's an allergy to bad Eastern European pop music. After a few more years of this we'll develop a resistance.
Fantastic entertainment :)
Tis an institution...

There is a lovely review of the proceedings here, flagged up on metaquotes:

"Pleasingly, Spain's entry is a boyband, which always cheers me up. Their shadowy svengali has made a careful selection from the Usborne Book of Boybands, picking a slightly arty looking one with a little Van Dyke for the sensitive girls, a chirpy boyish one from a 70s Children's Film Foundation movie for the wet girls, a blond one made from Fagolite, the special synthetic material used to make all gay clones, for the confused boys, and a rugged thuggish one who clearly wanted to be a footballer but has decided to settle for this - and he's obviously there for me. As a bonus, the four of them are brilliantly terrible dancers. Oh, and they shoot streamers out of their fingers, but only if you're very good. "
Am I wrong, or were you somehow involved with Bricolage at some point? I'm evaluating a TON of CMS options right now, and quite frankly, overwhelmed!
I worked for the company which developed and supported it. While I did some work for Bricolage used it to build the Vibe and Spin Web sites (virtually identical sites under the hood), I'm not an expert in it. However, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.