House Photos

This may very well be the last time I get connectivity from home for a while, so this will be a very quick post with my house photos. I picked up the keys this morning and snapped a few pics. The quality is fairly low as I need to leave the hotel and needed a lower bandwidth to upload these with. This also might be my last post for a few days.

The neighborhood.

The street to our house.

Our front door (the green one).

The first reception room.

Walking to the second reception room.

Hey, what was out that window?

That's our conservatory/breakfast nook.

Which leads out to the back garden.

And the view of the conservatory from the back.

And the view of it from our kitchen (can you tell I like the conservatory?)

And upstairs to my bedroom (no photos of my roommate's bedroom, I'm afraid. He wasn't around to ask.)

And that door goes to the wardrobe, which in turn leads to the bathroom.

The wardrobe also has a window.

And the view from my bathroom window (a bit crooked, I fear).

But where does that other door in my bedroom lead?

Why, upstairs to the converted loft, of course.

Which also has a nice view.

I am very, very happy with this place. It's also only a three minute walk from the Ealing Broadway station. I'm hard-pressed to think of a better location to get to both my work and to central London. I can't believe how phenomenally lucky I am!
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I told you ealing was a good location ;)
That is a *very* good location - I thought I recognised the park and roundabout by the tube station. I even registered at the dentist just around the corner from there and they were pretty good - I can't remember it's name though.

You're also only a relatively short walk from the Nightbus from TCR to uxbridge if you miss the last tube.

..and it's a nice looking house too :)

Well done.
AH! You are so freaking lucky brother of mine! The jealousy mounts! BUT I still need your address so I can send your package!!!! Have lots of fun! I gotta think of a good housewarming gift.
re: re
whats with the midget door in the 2nd reception room?? gimp room???
That's a proper grown up house and everything! Looks lovely.

Congratulations :)
Oh wow Curtis... it's just gorgeous! I LOVE all of the light! The breakfast nook is the stuff of my dreams. Just lovely. I hope you love it. :)
You have such a beautiful house! Some many delightful nooks and cranies.
Can I visit?
sweet! you're making me "homesick" for Melbourne....

oh that's fabulous. and yes, i'm finally getting around to reading up on your latest. exciting! i totally want to come visit!

i'm so glad i got to see you last w/end! so sorry i missed you both monday night, but you know... oof.

xo, j