The House!

Tomorrow morning I pick up the keys to the house. I don't know how soon I'll have 'net connectivity there, so my posts might be less frequent.

Of course, since I'll be flying into Portland on the 18th, maybe you'll just be able to catch up with me in person :) I'll only be there for a little over a week and won't have a huge amount of free time, but I do look forward to seeing old friends.
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Yay! Lil hinted she's bringing you to mine and Seth's birthday party on the 19th. Lots of beer, tequila, tamales and friends! Squee!
Travel safely! I'll be in the Netherlands until June, so hopefully we can get together then.

Happy housewarming, too.
Did you pick up a merry ole engish accent? I guess i'll have to meet up with you and see.
Gah!!! I hate being broke! I want to see you too! Oh well, big hugs bro! Hope you have tons of fun!
Please post/call/email if you have an evening free for happy hour/dinner/socializing. I hope to see you.

Safe travels to you & congrats on the house.
Any chance you're going to be at Anabel/Seth's birthday bash? Or will you be at Convergence? I fear my free time is less free than I had hoped :(