Things I Didn't Need to See

I didn't need to see that cute, curvaceous woman riding the train while wearing a tight black t-shirt with little red hearts spelling out the words "I Still Love Him".

I hope the guy has a restraining order against her.
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hahaha, I have one that says "restraining orders are just another way of saying I love you."
I guess they must be all out of T-shirts that say 'Flee, I'm a bunny boiling psycho woman!'
overheard by me:

"dude, just call her, you'll know she thinks you're stalking her if she files a restraining order"
Well but you said cute and curvaceous...

But of course I was kidding.

Seriously, you might want to consider angles other than insanity/obsession. 'He' might be her deceased ex husband of 7 years...or a child who died before their time or something tragic like that. She may just be honoring a memory.

It could also be one of those funny tshirts stores like Target carry like that camo one that says 'now you can't see me.' This one would have been made to keep creepy guys from hitting on women who get sick of that. :)
That would be creepy to me to. We all have skeletons in our closet but I don't go around saying I still love him anymore. LOL ew