Back from Copenhagen

(Note that I didn't have much free time, so I don't have great photos for this trip)

I left early Friday morning for the Nordic Perl Workshoop and got to Heathrow in plenty of time. As I was buying 1000 Danish Kroner (roughly £91 or $180), for the weekend, I happened to notice some American bills in the gentleman's cash drawer. I've been gone so long that I didn't even recognize the money. That was very strange.

The flight to Copenhagen was uneventful and in landing at the airport, passport control only took a minute or two. I walked up, handed over my passport, the guard took it, glanced at me, stamped it, and handed it back. All of this without saying a word.

From there I took the bus to Central Station.

I couldn't figure out how to get to my hotel, so I gave up and took a cab. We get to the Cab-Inn hotel ... and it's closed. I stared in shock. What the hell am I going to do now? My cab driver doesn't speak English, so I'm very worried. Someone across the street yells at him and after a brief conversation in Danish (I assumed), he waves me back in the taxi and drives to another location -- with the meter off, I might add -- and drops me off at the Cab-Inn motel.

"No sir, there's no registration in your name."

How can this get worse?

After a bit, it turns out that there are three Cab Inn locations in Copenhagen and I'm booked in the one near Tivoli. I walk about 15 minutes to get there and check in, only to find the smallest hotel room I've ever seen. See this ladder on the wall?

That's how you get into the top bunk.

Fortunately, I figured out the shower pretty quickly. The bathroom has a shower, but no stall -- just a curtain. Apparently, more than one other workshop attendee wondered what the extra knob on the bathroom sink was and soaked themselves while still fully clothed. Still, the workshop was paying and I was very grateful for this.

That's when my next problem hit. My UK to Europe electricity adaptor was packed in rabbleuk's attic in Nottingham. I tried going to various stores to buy one, at one point feeling stupid having to resort to charades, but no luck. Since the battery on my laptop is almost shot, I knew I couldn't make it through my entire presentation without it dying. Fortunately, my father, by sheer coincidence, was in town on business and staying in a hotel a block away and one of his collegues had one I could borrow. I had a US to UK to Europe adaptor going on, but it worked.

The next morning, I headed to Central Station to catch the train. The trains here are far better than British ones. They're wide, spacious, and they have a fantastic LED display at the top of each coach showing you how far you have to travel to each station.

After getting to Ryparken (east of Copenhagen), it was a short walk to the The Symbion Science Park where the workshop was being held. One of the folks I met, was Emanuelle (sp?). He's Italian, but lives in London (I met plenty of others, but forgot to take photos).

I must say that Copenhagen reminded me a bit of parts of Amsterdam due to their loves of bikes.

Other than that, not much to say except that Copenhagen is expensive! You can easily pay £4.5 to £5 for a beer ($9 to $10). Ouch!

And while I can't say too much about them as I was terribly rushed much of the time I was there, here are some random photos which aren't too terrible:

And a park near my hotel:

On the flight back, I was quite concerned after I waited in line for an hour and a half to get through passport control and when I met the immigration officer, the first thing he asked me was my my entry clearance wasn't stamped. Seems when I arrived in June, immigration was supposed to stamp my entry clearance. He was very concerned and asked lots of questions about my employment, often repeating them, and wanting to know if I've worked for the same company the entire time I was in the UK. Finally, he stood up and walked away with my passport. After a while, he came back and handed to to me and waived me through. My entry clearance still isn't stamped.
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I'm not sure how representative of Copenhagen your pictures are, but it's freakishly similar to Montreal.

Except for the ladder thing. We don't make people do that in hotels here.
1 month 'til Denmark ... oh roll on sweet D-A-D and Big Fat Snake.
Dear Skaldappers, how I miss thee. We shall be together again once more, soon.
The relaxed atmosphere, the organisation and electricity windmills aplenty.
The cleanliness, the smiles ... the wonderful women.
The mass of unlocked bicycles parked up with no thievery.

Oh how it makes me dislike numerous aspects of the UK.
Everything is so clean!! There's no trash anywhere!

It's so disappointing to live in a place where people don't have enough self respect to keep their city clear of trash...

You lucky brat! I'm Jealous!!! I hope you had tons of fun!!!!! Did you give dad a hug for me?????
I'm Danish on my mother's side.

My grandmother's parents both emagrated to the US around 1900. My grandmother didn't speak english till she was 7 and went to school :) Also my mom took Danish in College so I picked up a teensy bit.

ps: I miss you
You know, I'm not sure about Denmark, but many countries allow you to claim citizenship if you have at least one parent or grandparent who's from that country. If you ever wanted to get the hell out of Dodge, it might be worth looking into. However, Denmark has recently made it much harder to emigrate there.

Miss you, too :)
my grandmother was born here though.

that's where i wanted to go when i was going to be an exchange student but they wanted a higher gpa than i had.

pissed me off so i got finland. i don't do well in the cold so i dropped out and went no where


i eat sushi all the time now.
all your fault!
On the flight back, I was quite concerned after I waited in line for an hour and a half to get through passport control and when I met the immigration officer, the first thing he asked me was my my entry clearance wasn't stamped.

That must have been absolutely nerve-wracking. I hope your April Fool's post doesn't come true!

On a completely unrelated note, are you coming along to the social meet tomorrow?
Maybe when i get to fly to Enlgland this summer i can pop by and say hi!:D
I am GREEN with envy!
Nothing to do with this post
Hi there stranger. I saw in Seans post that you are coming home. Are you coming home for a visit or for good? I have missed chatting with you. I would love to see you when you are here. Please let me know. We have a lot to "talk" about.